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Chris Cuvelier

When Chris isn’t traveling the world, (lost in a jungle or stuck up a tree somewhere) he’s enjoying family time, catching a wave, perfecting his sun salutation or sipping some wine. Tells us Chris, where do you find the extra hours?!

Matt Collins

Matt’s been surfing since he was a kid. So it’s no surprise that he loves spending time in the water with his kids and helping them catch their first waves.


Rosa Compean

As an active mom, Rosa loves running marathons (partially to keep up with her active kids!) She also loves to unwind with a nice glass of wine.

Ryan Stover

Ryan is an explorer. Always off on some grand adventure; island hopping, sailing off into the sunset – and yes – sending pictures to those of us in the office.

Devin Cardoza

According to Devin, San Francisco has it all. From biking to live music and playing in the parks, the city is always an adventure waiting to happen!

Jenn Chan

Jenn’s a tough little cookie; climbing mountain tops (around the world) to their very peaks, to gain new perspectives on life and the world around her.

Victor Padilla

Victor is a busy, baseball-loving, family man and father of two, with a strong heart and a great outlook on life.

Clint Melchor

Clint’s interests include yoga, healthy eating (if he’s not near Langer’s Deli) and golf. Lots and lots of golf. Personal motto: Drive for show, putt for dough.

Dana Mares

Dana knows you can conquer the world, if you first take care of yourself. The health nut that she is, she finds time for herself, her family and conquering Southern California.

Ali Roberts

UntitledWith a passion for fashion, Ali loves to explore new things in life. Through yoga, hula hooping and socializing, she challenges herself to always be her best.

Jon Weber

A family man through and through, Jon loves chasing his kids around the house and teaching them the finesse of becoming a fine fisherman and fisherlady.

Lara Pati

Lara’s stronger than Rocky Balboa and faster than Usain Bolt. A boxer and a runner, she’s the blur running past you on the Embarcadero each night as the sun sets.

Vicky Lee

Vicky has it down to a science! The best way to exercise, have fun, and catch up with new and old friends? Badminton, of course!

Matt Lai

Matt is a YES man. Constantly living life on the edge, gladly accepting challenges and embracing adventures – there’s very little this YES man hasn’t done!

Praf Patel

Praf loves spending time with her two beautiful little girls who love to smile and giggle and dance in the park. To us she’s Praf, but to them she’s super-mom!

Ben Winter

Ben doesn’t get his kicks on route 66. Nope. He’s more for driving fast, pedal to the metal style; cause after all, if you’re not first, you’re last.

Faryn Schatz

Faryn may be singing in the rain or standing under her umbrella-ella-ella. Perhaps she’s walking on sunshine or dancing in the moonlight. It doesn’t really matter where she’s going or what she’s doing so long as she has some music (and Jawbreaker) with her.


Ethan Edmisten

If you build it…No one will argue that Ethan is a music man.  DJ-ing, rocking out at music festivals and humming to his own tune. But what gets him really going is his love of baseball!