Project Zola

Project Zola was created to improve the quality of life and empower the people in the local communities where our Açaí is harvested.


Located on the riverbanks of the Amazon, 3 hours from Belem, is the small community of Igarape-Miri. A few decades ago, Igarape-Miri had 60 factories where they processed sugar cane for Cachaça, a Brazilian alcohol. As the community started to drink it’s own product the production suffered and profits dropped. At the same time, factories in Southern Brazil started to produce Cachaça and market share in Igarape-Miri plummeted. The community fell into deep poverty.

After many years, they found a new hope – Açaí. Igarape-Miri has one of the highest concentrations of Açaí trees and the fruit quality is second to none. It’s proximity to Belem (a port city located at the mouth of the Amazon and the Atlantic Ocean) made it ideal to to bring Açaí to the major markets of Belem.


Together we can make a difference

Recycling Açaí Seeds: Fact: Açaí seeds can build homes! The oils of the seed are a great source of fuel. The seeds which remain from the production of our juices are donated to a local brick manufacturing company. These seeds are used to fuel the furnace to dry the bricks. These bricks are donated to the community for the building of schools, homes, and other infrastructures needed within the community.


“Give a man some Açaí and feed him for a day. Teach a man to grow Açaí and feed him for a lifetime.” Chris Cuvelier, President, Founder and CEO, Zola Açaí