Are Zola’s products Organic?
Zola Açaí Juice is USDA Organic Certified. Zola Coconut Water is made with natural ingredients.

How about Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free?
Zola’s Açaí Juices are Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten Free. Zola’s Coconut Waters are Vegan and Gluten Free.

Are Zola products pasteurized?
Yes. Zola’s Açaí Juice is aseptically processed and pasteurized using a very high temperature for a very short period of time and filled into the bottle cold. This is a superior method to other pasteurization methods as it ensures the highest quality while preserving maximum nutrients flavor and color. Zola’s Coconut Water is also pasteurized.

Do the bottles or cans contain BPA?
We use PET bottles for our Açaí Juice that is recyclable plastic and BPA free. Our Coconut Water 1L Tetra Pak and Coconut Water cans are also BPA free.

Do Zola products need to be refrigerated?
No. Zola products can be stored at room temperature for your convenience. Chill Zola before drinking for best taste and always refrigerate after opening.

How is Zola Coconut Water different than other brands?
Zola Coconut Water tastes amazing. We go directly to the source and get the best tasting coconuts from Thailand, which results in a fresher, cleaner, and slightly sweeter flavor profile than most coconut waters on the market. Zola also has a great assortment of flavors including Original, With Pulp, Espresso and Lemonade.

What’s the difference between coconut water and coconut milk?
Coconut water is the hydrating clear liquid found inside a coconut when it is cracked. Coconut milk is produced by combining the white meat of the coconut with water to make a rich, white liquid that is often used in cooking or as a dairy free milk substitute.

What is Açaí?
Açaí (Ah-­‐sigh-­‐ee) is a tiny Brazilian berry packed with flavor and nutrients. It has a crisp berry, with a hint of chocolate flavor and is a natural source of antioxidants, omega fatty acids 3, 6, & 9, amino acids, calcium, iron, and fiber.

How are Zola’s Açaí juices different than other brands of Açaí Juice?
Zola’s Açaí tastes the best! We take great pride in harvesting and pulping our Açaí fast, which gives it the fresh Zola taste.

Why do you add sugar to the Açaí juice?
Açaí berries have an earthy flavor. We follow a traditional Brazilian style adding Organic Cane Sugar to bring out the delicious flavor notes of the Açaí.

Can I freeze Zola?
We suggest if you freeze Zola’s Açaí or Coconut Water (makes great popsicles!) that you take it out of the package and freeze in a container that can be frozen.